About SFMN

Realism Nscale

/realism in scale/

An environment that is believable to the average viewer. To bring a sense of reality to scale as to capture a feeling rather than fact.

The Sacramento Free-moN (SFMN) group embraces the above statement. Our collective goal is to create modules that when combined convey a feeling of realism to the audience. From scenery to operations our intent is to provide the illusion of reality. Our modules are "protolance"; a mix of prototypical and freelance.

Our modules most often represent a specific region, area or city, but not to exactness. They are designed and built to a level of believability that the scene resembles a given area. Most often a location is chosen for either its esthetics (Sierra Nevada) or operations (Davis, CA wye) and interpreted to a format suitable for a module. Our group is dedicated to representing Northern California.

We are not professionals and this is a hobby. We do this for enjoyment first and foremost. With that said, we also strive to continually improve and learn in order to provide the best realism possible. This entails learning from each other and the community at large.

Geographical Modeling Locations

SFMN models the Northern California area to encompass the coast over to the Nevada/California border and up to the Oregon/California border. We are modeling the present day.