SFMN does not have officers or formal positions; however, we recognize the founding members as having a “guiding voice” in organizational matters. We do not collect dues, although members on a voluntary basis may contribute to the transportation costs of modules to and from shows. We operate by majority rule regarding which shows to participate and other group issues.


We are a small group and have no formal meeting times or locations. We realize everyone has a busy schedule so meeting is ad hoc on an as need basis. Meeting times are proposed with time/place to be agreed to by members.

Becoming a SFMN Member

We welcome anyone to join our group. If interested you must be willing to follow the Free-moN and SFMN standards. As a group, we have decided to push N scale modular to its limits in terms of benchwork, wiring, lighting, operations and scenery development for the most prototypical or protolance look and function possible.

If you are interested in talking with us or coming as a guest, please contact us.